The Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair bodywork repair.

Dent repairs

For a spotless exterior surface for your Mercedes: Dent repair.

Your Mercedes has a dent? But not for long! With Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair our bodywork and paintwork specialists remove dents without having to replace entire parts.
Pressure marks in body panels can often be removed simply by pressing them out carefully. The prerequisite: the dent must not be in a body panel edge, and the paint must not be damaged. We will tell you which dents can be removed, free of charge and with no obligation.

Save time and costs.

In many cases dents can be removed by pressing them out – a tested method to remove dents rapidly and at a reasonable cost. Your Mercedes is returned to you with an impeccable skin. As if nothing had even happened.

Trust Mercedes-Benz quality with an expert touch.

Our experienced specialists have perfect command of the art of dent repairs: We deliver a service that meets the strictest quality requirements – and contributes to the value retention of your Mercedes.

Paintwork repair

So that your Mercedes shines with its accustomed light: paintwork repair.

Intact paintwork not only ensures an all round self-assured poise, it also protects the bodywork against corrosion and the effects of weather. The paint repair jobs make it possible to touch up small spots effectively and at an attractive cost.
Minor paintwork damage is repaired by our experienced specialists with Mercedes SmallRepair paintwork repair with little fuss. Scratches and scrapes are eliminated completely, and your Mercedes regains its accustomed brilliance.

You can count on it: Mercedes-Benz quality from the experts.

And of course the high Mercedes-Benz quality standards also apply to paintwork repairs: only experienced paint specialists repair the paintwork of your Mercedes. After the repair your vehicle is visually perfect again. The protective function of the paint finish is re-established completely.

Plastic repairs

Your Mercedes is rapidly perfect again: Plastic component repair.

Plastic component repair touches up minor holes, cracks or scratches on bumpers, rub strips and trim. And in many cases saves the need for costly and time-consuming replacement of the entire vehicle component.

You receive Mercedes-Benz quality from the experts.

The high Mercedes-Benz quality standards naturally also apply to our plastic component repairs: only experienced specialists repair the damage to the plastic components of your Mercedes, using materials of the highest quality.