Mercedes-Benz checks.

Make your Mercedes fit for any season of the year. Trust is good, checks are even better.

Whether or not you regularly take your vehicle to a Mercedes-Benz workshop for maintenance or inspections: Thanks to our seasonal check-ups you will travel in greater safety – in the spring, before a holiday journey and when winter draws near.

We will subject your Mercedes to detailed diagnostic and functional checks. Our service also includes any repairs that are necessary. Your Mercedes will then be fit for the spring, in top condition for long journeys and able to shrug off the lowest subzero temperatures.

Used car check.

Regardless of whether you buy, or want to buy, a second-hand vehicle from a dealer or privately - you will be on the safe side with a used vehicle check by Mercedes-Benz. A vehicle that has been checked over by one of our experts means you can buy with confidence. When you come to buy, you can refer back to the quality checks done on your vehicle and give yourself the optimal basis on which to negotiate and purchase the vehicle.

Confidence is good, control is better.

An expert check of the vehicle is made in the used vehicle check.
Overview of the main checks carried out:

  • Visual check of the engine compartment, transmission, starter motor, alternator, exhaust and fuel system.
  • Check of the front and rear axles, springs, suspension, steering system, and shock absorbers.
  • Brake test on the test station.
  • Extensive check of the functionality of the electrical and mechanical components, including special equipment.
  • Visual check of the bodywork, windscreen, headlamps and undercarriage.